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Covered Scope:

Main columns reported in Journal of Environmental Engineering Technology: Water pollution control technology and recycling use, air pollution control technology and clean energy use and rural environment comprehensive improvement, soil pollution prevention technology, solid waste pollution prevention and resource recovery technology, biological, ecological engineering and recovery technology, pollution comprehensive prevention and control technology based on circular economy, radiation and vibration of pollution prevention and control technology, other environmental systems engineering and management technology research new achievement papers; application cases of new environmental engineering technologies; Environmental protection industry policy and management; Industry dynamics; Hot topic forum; Research briefs; Academic activities, etc.

Submission of Manuscripts:

Manuscripts must be written in clear and grammatical English and should be submitted in electronic form by using online manuscript submission available at This site will guide authors stepwise through the submission process. Authors can upload their articles as Microsoft Word format files. Authors, reviewers, and editors send and receive all correspondence by e-mail and no paper correspondence is necessary.

If you have difficulty with your submission or any other questions, please contact the Editorial Office:

Journal of Environmental Engineering Technology Editorial Office

NO. 8, Dayangfang, Anwai, Beiyuan, Beijing, 100012, P.R. China
Telephone: 86-10-84915126


Article Types:

The full text of the manuscript should be 8000 words, and Valuable papers can be relaxed to 13,000 words. In order to ensure the objectivity and fairness of manuscript review and improve the quality of the journal, the journal implements two-way anonymous review system. In the manuscript, attention should be paid to avoid the appearance of lines or notes that affect the anonymous review.

Manuscript Review:

After receiving the manuscript, the editorial board will register and submit it for review. After the first review, external review and final review, the manuscript may not be accepted after the completion of each review procedure. Unsuccessful manuscripts will be notified to the authors by E-mail or telephone. Be sure to specify E-mail and telephone when submitting the manuscript, so that the authors can deal with the manuscript in time.

Payment and Offprints:

After the acceptance of the manuscript, the journal will pay the author according to the number of words in the article (published text). The copyright fee and remuneration for the author's thesis shall be paid in one lump sum, and no other remuneration shall be paid.

After the article is published, the editorial office will send offprints of the article to the email address of the author.

Manuscript Preparing:

The order of submission: title, author's name, work unit and city, Chinese abstract, keywords, English title, author's name, author's unit (English), English abstract, English keywords (corresponding to Chinese keywords), text and references.


Reflect the content of the article succinctly and accurately. Try not to exceed 20 words. Try not to use subheadings. English title can accurately reflect the specific content of the paper before the topic, the fewer the better, generally not more than 25 words.


Abstract is composed of three parts: research question, process and method, and result. Important experimental conditions, data and conclusion should be stated emphatically. Abstract should be written in the third person. The content of the Chinese and English abstracts should be consistent, and the Chinese words should not be less than 250 words. English abstract and Chinese corresponding, generally not less than 300 words.


Keywords are usually 3~8 words, which should be selected from the title, abstract and text and are relevant and necessary to the central problem studied or discussed in the paper.


The preface gives a summary of the topic and draws out the research significance. The author should briefly summarize the theoretical basis, research ideas, experimental basis, popularization and application of the paper, the research status at home and abroad, the research purpose and significance of the article, and the necessary key contents should be explained by citing references.

5.Main Text

The text should be clear in hierarchy and conform to the standard. The main text includes: important instruments, equipment, test methods, technical difficulties and solutions for popularization and application, results and analysis, discussion, conclusion, acknowledgments, references and so on.

6.Table and Figure

The figures and tables in the text should be concise, and the same content cannot be repeatedly expressed in the figures and tables. Put figures and tables after a paragraph mentioned in the body, not in the middle of a paragraph.


The references after the paper is descripted based on GB/T 7714-2015. Chinese journals should be annotated in two languages. That is, the English translation of Chinese journals should be listed.

The Statement:

Once the author's manuscript is accepted, the manuscript will be compiled into the database retrieval system of the journal and the excellent database system included the journal at home and abroad, and the use function will be provided. If you do not agree with the above terms and conditions of the copyright agreement, please notify the author at the time of submission. The journal will deal with it appropriately according to the circumstances, otherwise it will be deemed as consent.



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