Journal of Environmental Engineering Technology ›› 2011, Vol. 1 ›› Issue (4): 281-288.doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-991X.2011.04.047

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Technological Research and Innovation for Water Pollution Control and Water Environmental Restoration at Mid-Stream of Hunhe River

SONG Yong-hui,PENG Jian-feng,ZENG Ping,TIAN Zhi-yong,GAO Hong-jie,DUAN Liang,XIANG Lian-cheng   

  1. Department of Urban Water Environmental Research, Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences
  • Received:2011-06-16 Revised:2011-05-26 Online:2011-07-20 Published:2011-07-11
  • Contact: SONG Yong-hui

Abstract: Pharmaceutical and petrochemical wastewater pollution are the main industrial pollution of the mid-stream of the Hunhe River, the wastewaters are toxic and refractory, and the tributaries of the Hunhe River are heavily polluted. For water pollution control and water environment improvement, regional water pollution control and water environmental restoration were carried out with the support of National Major Science and Technology Program for Water Pollution Control and Governance. Against berberine wastewater and fosfomycin sodium wastewater, physicochemical processes of ozone oxidation, pulse electro-coagulation, Fe-C micro-electrolysis etc. was researched, and the pharmaceutical wastewater effectively treated. Against petrochemical acrylic wastewater, multi-compartment nitrogen removal reactor and whole process of membrane biological reactor (MBR) -ozone oxidation-biological aerated filter were researched, with which the ammonia was effectively removed and the wastewater discharge standards met. Ecological hybrid pond and wetland system, as well as the technology of safe treatment and resourceful utilization of the polluted river sediment, were studied to solve the problems of tributary pollution of mid-stream of the Hunhe River, which provided technical supports to the tributary water environmental restoration.

Key words: mid-stream of Hunhe River, pharmaceutical industry, petro-chemical industry, tributary, physico-chemical treatment, biological treatment

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